Approved by the Deist Alliance Representatives

October 7th, 2004, Amended October 7th, 2009

I. Purpose

A. The purpose of the Deist Alliance (DA) is to provide a vehicle for communication among member groups, and for member groups to help and coordinate with each other to develop various ideas for the promotion of Deism in general.

B. The Deist Alliance is an ‘Association’. It is an organization whereby member Deist groups can work to help one another, and for the ultimate goal of spreading Deism to the world.

C. DA member groups have different visions and focus, but compatible goals.

D. Each DA member group will freely ‘advertise’ other member groups. For member groups with websites, this can easily be done by displaying links to other DA member websites. Member groups should make an effort to freely mention other member groups when speaking to others about Deism, or in their internet postings.

E. All DA member groups must, if at all possible, display an active web-ring button and it must be kept up to date, per Section III.C.5.

II. Officers

A. The DA has no “leader” or President. The DA is an association of equal member groups, with each member group having one representative authorized to vote on behalf of their group for DA issues.

B. Administrative duties will be provided on a voluntary basis by DA members.

III. Membership

A. Membership qualifications

1. Deist groups will either apply for membership, or else be expressly invited to join the DA.

2. Application for membership in the DA will be voted on by existing member groups. A supermajority vote is needed for an application to be approved and membership accepted into the DA.

3. Associate Membership will be offered to individuals who have a strong desire to belong to a Deist Association. Associate Membership is voluntary, and acceptance is automatic and honor system based. The only requirements for Associate Membership are a strong inclination to promote Deism through exemplary conduct and a desire to belong to the Alliance. Associate Members will be encouraged to establish their own sites to promote Deism and become full Members.

B. Revocation of membership

1. It may become necessary at some time to revoke a member group’s membership; due to a radical change in a web-site’s message, blatant plagiarism, lack of response to DA issues, or other reasons as may be deemed by the DA membership.

2. A member group membership can only be revoked by a supermajority vote of the DA members.

C. Membership rights and responsibilities

1. Each member group decides on their own Representative who also is that member group’s sole person allowed to vote on DA issues.

2. Any member group’s Representative can call for a vote on an issue at anytime. See “Voting” for an explanation of how this is done.

3. Each member group should ensure that their Representative checks into the DA membership’s forum reasonably often. Reasonably often could be defined as at least once every three days usually, allowing that people get sick, go on business trips, take vacations and such.

4. Each Representative should try to vote when possible. That way the other members know that the Representative for a member group is still active in reading posts about the DA. And is willing to take part as it becomes necessary.

5. When there is a web-ring change, the affected member groups should strive to make the change within 96 hours.

6. Associate Membership does not include voting privileges, nor do Associate Memberships affect voting quorums.

IV. Finances

The Deist Alliance has no finances. All work is done voluntarily by the members.

V. Meetings

There are no organized meetings for the DA. There is a a private forum at which is used for communication between members. It is recommended that all members keep a list of all representatives’ e-mail addresses, just in case. also hosts open Friday night chats, that may include discussing DA administrative matters, but it is not the sole purpose of the chat.

VI. Voting

The DA has a somewhat unique way of voting on issues, which allows for a quorum to be had with 2/3rds of the members casting votes of “yes,” “no,” or “undecided.”

A. Starting the voting process:

1. A representative will bring up an issue for voting, and ask for a second.

2. If the motion is seconded, then a voting poll will be opened. If no one seconds within the 48 hours after the issue was put up for a vote, then the vote is shelved and will not normally be allowed to be brought back up for a vote for 30 days.

3. The poll will remain open for voting 96 hours after the poll has been opened. Members may change their vote anytime within that 96 hour window.

B. Deciding the outcome of a vote.

1. After the 96 hours, the vote will become official if a quorum of 2/3rds of the member groups have voted.

2. A “yes” or a “no” vote counts as “1″ vote each. An “undecided” vote counts as “1/2″ a vote for yes and “1/2″ a vote for no. The ”undecided” votes are primarily for establishing a quorum.

3. A simple majority passes an issue as long as a quorum of 2/3rds was achieved. The exception, is when a supermajority vote  is necessary to pass an issue. See “III.B. Revocation of membership,” “VII. Amendments to the Charter,” “VIII. Ratification of the Charter.”

VII. Amendments to the Charter

A supermajority vote is necessary for any changes to the charter.

VIII. Ratification of the Charter

The charter needs to be passed with a supermajority using the voting outlines as described in section “VI. Voting.”

IX. The Parliamentary Procedures

As the DA does not have regularly scheduled meetings, the procedures are to simply comply with reasonable decorum on the DA’s forum. If and when a meeting is arranged, a chairperson will be picked, and Robert’s Rules of Order will be the guideline for procedures at that meeting.

X. Definitions

Member group: A member group is any individual or group of people that maintain a forum or a web-site dedicated to promoting Deism and a member of the Deist Alliance.

  • Representative: Each member group can have only one representative with the DA. This person can post on the forum and vote for the member group.
  • Supermajority: A supermajority is made up of 2/3rds of all the member groups. Thus, when a supermajority vote is called for, a simple majority of those voting is not sufficient to pass the issue. It must be passed with at least 2/3rds of the number of member groups responding so that a “yes” is achieved. “undecided” still counts as “1/2″ a vote for “yes” and “1/2″ a vote for “no.”
  • Associate Membership: non-voting individual membership in the Deist Alliance for individuals strongly motivated to be a part of the Association.


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