Panendeism is a sub-category of Deism based on the speculation that the universe is a part of god, but not all of god and literally means “all in god”.  Some panendeists have established numerous additional beliefs, some of which are quite detailed and use more specialized terminology to describe their beliefs.  However, any deist who believes that the universe is a part (but not the whole) of god, can be considered a panendeist.

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Enlightened Worldview

Enlightened Worldvew

This website will attempt to show that answers to the deep questions of life can be answered, to some extent, on the basis of strong evidence and that blind faith is not necessary. A new worldview can be constructed on the basis of evidence that is more enlightened than any faith-based religion such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, or Hinduism and also any purely secular worldview such as atheism, materialism, or humanism and this new worldview can build bridges between people and lead to a more peaceful and prosperous future.

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Deist Poet

Deist Poet

What is DeistPoet all about? Hopefully, it’s about fun. Fun can be meaningful, and life-changing, empowering, enabling, fun can be liberating and inspiring. Let’s get back to thinking of our time on this planet in an extremely positive way, a creative way, an important and redeeming way.

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Deist Info

Deist Info is short for Deist Information. The Deist Information site holds a broad range of information for all Deists: Deist history, writings by Deist authors, links to Deist Websites and Blogs, primers for those just learning about Deism, and a wealth of other information of interest to Deists and fellow Freethinkers.

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Church of Nature’s God

Natures God

The true Church of Nature’s God is inside each and every one of us, and you can discover it everywhere in nature. It is as individual as you are. To become a member, you only must decide that you are one. Freethinkers do not need a church for the purpose of worshiping any Deity. Nature’s God does not need worship, although some find comfort in giving thanks to the Creator. Other religions claim that their sacred texts are the infallible and inerrant word of God. The Deist Bible makes no such claim. We don’t need a church building. A building is restrictive and limiting and unnecessary. The Church has no physical presence, no roof, no walls. We do not need to be shielded from the elements in cyberspace. The Church has a virtual, but very real presence here where you have found it. People seeking spirituality don’t need an elaborate organization. For those who want to belong, to feel a sense of community, spend time, study the possibilities and expand their horizons, the Church of Nature’s God hopes to help you fulfill those wants and needs.

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Deism Network

Deism Network

Powered by Deists for Everyone. The Deism Network brings together, in one site, information from Deists across the internet. Because life is about more than religious philosophy, this site also includes the latest from numerous other great sites and free thinkers as well!

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Modern Deism

Modern Deism

The goal of Modern Deism is the promotion and education of Deism to the modern world.  Most people have never heard of Deism and our goal is to change this problem. Unfortunately, the dictionary definition of Deism tends to push the idea that Deism is a “dead religion.”  However, this is a fallacy as Deism is “alive” and growing.

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Positive Deism

Positive Deism New

So what is Positive Deism? Positive Deism is simply keeping our focus on what Deism is instead of focusing on what Deism isn’t. Traditionally, Deism has tended to spend much of its time being anti-Christian (negative). However, we want to confine our focus here to Deism. We are most concerned with everything that is Deistic in nature and would like to advance our knowledge and experience of it (positive).

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Unified Deism

Unified Deism

We believe the universe has a Creator, but the nature of that Creator is something we must all discover for ourselves. Unified Deism seeks to balance reason and spirituality, enabling each of us to chart a steady course away from the rocky shores of dogma and the treacherous currents of fundamentalism. Welcome to the Age of Unified Deism.

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