What is Deism?

Deism is belief in God based on reason, nature and experience. Deists believe that God reveals truth to us through the everyday miracles of nature. Deism is God without the baggage, God without organized religion, religion without church or clergy. Deism has no dogma, no tenets claimed to be of divine origin, no sacred texts, no rituals, no sacraments. Deism is a sensible alternative to both organized religion and Atheism. A Deist understands that faith and doubt go hand in hand. Ultimately, we must come to our own conclusions, not allow someone else to reach those conclusions for us.

We begin with doubt. Deists are seekers of knowledge, so Deists question everything.  The universe holds many secrets, and science searches the universe for knowledge. Deism and science are closely compatible.

What is the Deist Alliance?

The Deist Alliance (DA) is a fellowship of Deist websites united by the common goal of promoting Deism to those seeking an alternative to conventional revealed religion or, at the other extreme, Atheism. Each member site offers something different, yet there is a common thread that binds them all: reason, respect, a thirst for knowledge and a desire to share their positive experiences with people interested in Deism in its many forms. Associate Members are individuals who share this common goal.

The DA offers learning.

The various sites hold a wealth of information on the history of Deism, contemporary Deist thought, science, nature and related files and links.

The DA offers social interaction.

Several of the sites offer discussion boards with a wide variety of forums for discussing a broad range of subjects from Deism to Freethought, Science to Politics and Reviews to Music.

The DA offers food for thought.

You will find essays, book and movie reviews, songs and photos. You can sample many thought-provoking and stimulating pages throughout the member sites.

The DA offers a chance to discover and share.

Most people are not raised as Deists. Many of us share a common story. We find that we believe something different than we used to, and then we find that there are many people who already believe as we do. Come and hear our stories and share your own.

Deism is older than the Enlightenment, but in many ways it is one of the newest religions on Earth. A new form of Deism is born every time one of us realizes that what we believe has a name.

We invite you to visit all our member sites. Be sure to sign up for the discussion boards at each site that offers discussion. Read, learn and share. Grow comfortable in your own skin. Let reason be your guide.

The DA is not the only Deist organization out there.

The World Union of Deists (WUD) is an even older Deist organization that can be found at http://deism.com. Their approach is somewhat different than the DA, but they have a wealth of excellent information. You should definitely pay them a visit (or many visits).

The Creation is the only word of God we can all trust.