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  1. Steve Borkowski says:

    I believe the war we are in is a religious war and not a war on terror. T believe that the most effective way of diminishing religious wars is by having a universal agreement that no one has or can prove the existence of God. If that is possible and can be done,it would be easy to get an international policy of a disclaimer being usrd before any teaching of a god in any state supported institution. My premise is that Certainty about god would be lessened and most likely not developed in the minds of learners. I bet that no one would give up their lives for a god or a heaven they know might not exist as discussed in their religion as they know the difference between fact and belief. I wish there was a dialogue between world political, religious, and philosophical leaders simply on proving a god exists using empirical data.

  2. We are neither in a war of religion nor a war of terror, but a war of cultures. Do we have a culture of rational laws or one of religious dogma, a culture of respected personal opinion or a culture of suppression, a culture of love or a culture of hate. Fight the culture wars with reason, not guns (except when you have to). Deism Rules. God Rules. Find faith through reason.

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